Lead the Development of World Technology


Huawei predicts the number of connections worldwide in 2025 will reach 100 billion connections. Another prediction is that video content will contribute 89% of data traffic and 86% of global companies will adopt AI technology with a total digital economic potential of US $ 23 trillion.

“In today’s great world, Huawei is eager to be a great company. We want to take humans to the next standard of civilization. This is the foundation of our new vision and mission to bring the digital world to every human, home and organization for a world that is smart and fully connected, “said Eric Xu, Huawei Rotating Chairman.

Furthermore, Eric Xu said that through this new vision, Huawei will become a pioneer of a path to an intelligent world, with a focus on ICT infrastructure and smart devices.

Huawei aims for the entire portfolio of products and solutions for cloud computing, networks and devices to be more competitive and to deliver experiences that users have never imagined before through the adaptation of AI-based technology.

Director of the Board and Chief Marketing Strategy Officer of Huawei, William Xu, released the report of Huawei Global Industry Vision (GIV) 2025 which offers various insights on the latest industry trends in the world of information and communication technology (ICT).

In the report, William Xu said that through continuous innovation, Huawei will open a blueprint for industrial development while inviting all business sectors to take part in a smart and fully connected world.

Huawei Products & Solutions President David Wang delivered a presentation on innovation. David believes that innovation is the key to an all-digital and intelligent world. He also explained that in the future Huawei will focus on three concepts.

“Huawei’s product strategy and solution will focus on three concepts, namely all connected, all based on cloud computing, and all intelligent. Based on this, we will include business entities in innovation and bring AI, 5G, cloud computing services and IoT to industries in need, “David said.

David added, Huawei will build a more open technology architecture and adopt a more open business model, work with customers and partners to drive industrial growth and digital economic development.