How to unlock a locked or forgotten Huawei

How to Overcome and Unlock Huawei that is Locked and Forgotten Pattern – Smartphone is a tool that is easy to carry anywhere, besides easy to carry and has a light weight. But make no mistake the smartphone has almost the same function as a computer with the aim of basic activities or ordinary activities. Similarly, a PC or personal computer can do activities to listen to music, access the internet, and complete ordinary work.

In addition, the most common smartphone by the public is a smartphone with an android operating system, this is a cellphone with a type of smartphone that is in high demand by the public. This is caused by two factors, namely android has quality and attractive features and has a relatively cheap price, even so cheap for an android smartphone can be priced at up to half a million. Of course, from the price and friendly features who is not interested in buying, what else is now the trend of android mobiles.

Now from an interesting feature, we need a security if you feel the need to protect your data, this security will greatly help you in protecting your data so that no one else knows. By setting a security such as a password or a lock pattern that is on an android phone, then not everyone can easily enter the system just like that.

But the problem is if we forget the password or forget the lock pattern of an android smartphone, this of course will be troubling again considering that if there is important data residing in internal memory, there are actually two data storage on the smartphone, internal and external memory. But overall data in the form of an application install is in an internal location and you can also move it.

If you forget the pin password on your Android phone, you won’t be able to access your Android smartphone again, but you can actually solve the problem by knowing how to unlock Android smartphones and tablets that forget the lock pattern. Basically, forget the lock pattern you can do in a state of urgency, when someone tries to access your Android smartphone by entering the password pin repeatedly, it will cause your Android phone to be blocked.

This is clearly more troubling than forgetting an ordinary pin, therefore in accordance with the discussion this time which will discuss thoroughly tips on how to overcome android phones forget passwords and lock patterns. A little story according to my experience that has experienced this, where I have an android smartphone that I have, my brother accidentally originated from a pin and slide the lock pattern code incorrectly repeatedly, as a result my Android phone is blocked. The warning appears “Trying too many lock patterns” and that is a notification to block the cellphone, therefore I will share experiences on how to deal with locked androids as follows.

In order to deal with Android smartphones and tablets that are locked in a password when they want to enter a pin or lock pattern then you can do 3 easy ways to overcome the forgotten Android password like this one.

huawei g300

1. Open an Android that is locked by a password because you entered the wrong password or pattern.

Then the first way to be able to open a lock pattern or password is to sign on Android, the condition is that you must have internet access. You can get internet access via wifi or you can also use a sim card that has an internet package, as for the way to look carefully below.

  • First you open the forgot password section or forgot pattern / password.
  • Then you enter your username and password.
  • After that, click Sign in.

huawei g300

2. Easy Ways to Open an Android that is blocked because it cannot Enter or Enter.

This one way you can do must certainly be connected to an internet connection, make sure the connection used is stable.

  • The first step you need to do is to make a phone call using another smartphone to Android that is locked pattern and password.
  • Then you answer the call and don’t hang up.
  • Then you press the home button then go to the settings section, if it is then activate the data package. The goal is to later be able to access the internet and be able to sign in by entering your email and password to unlock a locked android.
  • After that you can immediately Disable the lock pattern or pin password so that it does not activate the password security mode again.

huawei g300

3. How to unlock locked Android smartphones & tablets with Factory Reset.

When the two methods above you did not succeed, then there is a final solution that you can do yourself at home easily. You can do a factory reset that aims to reset your android phone. This method will reset the entire Android smartphone by erasing all data in internal memory, so make sure you backup data from internal to external memory to have a copy of the data again.

  • First you turn off your Android device first, then press the Power + Volume Up + Home button simultaneously for a few seconds, aiming to enter recovery mode.
  • Then in the recovery mode menu you can select Wipe data / factory reset by pressing the volume up or volume down button to select it.
  • After that you can point the volume up and down buttons towards Wipe data / factory reset, press the Home button to continue.
  • The last step is you point to Reboot, if already, then press the Home button, then automatically your Android smartphone or tablet will open again.

Previously I also discussed how to reset an android phone, the same way above but in my previous post you can do in various ways.

Now from the three methods above to be able to open an android that forgets the lock pattern and PIN password which results in blocking on the android cellphone, in general the solution often used is number one solution which normally will also return to normal, but if it still fails do number two and three too.

That’s all, my friend, my explanation this time about how to open a locked smartphone and Android table, if you have questions, you can ask me through the comments column that already exists, and don’t forget to keep abreast of interesting information from ruralrefined techno who will give tips on how to solve your problem