Huawei G300 - Install a custom Jelly Bean / ICS ROM from scratch

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It's easier than you think to install a custom ROM on the Huawei G300. The benefits are also great - you get a phone you can fully customise, without any sluggish boatware or network branding. Plus, your phone will become a lot snappier than before, thanks to the tweaks and optimisation implemented by the various ROM developers.

Of course, the whole process can look daunting and risky, and carried out only by those who are experts when it comes to computers and technology. That's why we're here to help - our guide Is split into 8 detailed pages, that take you through every single step with explanations, solutions and troubleshooting along the way.

Before we begin, make sure you meet the requirements for our guide.

  • A microSD card. A 1 GB card will be more than enough space. If you don't have one, take a took on eBay and CeX. They cost less than £2.
  • A computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux or Mac. Windows XP users may run into problems with drivers, so we recommend you get hold of a computer running another operating system.
  • A Huawei G300, of course!

Please note, all data on your phone, such as apps, pictures and videos, will be deleted if you follow this guide. So make sure you backup any data you may need beforehand. Data on your sdcard will not be deleted or touched.

If you meet the requirements, you're all set. Go to the next page to begin.